Culture & Values

We partner with professionals to improve lives

This is our purpose that guides us.

Dental professionals do more than create healthy, beautiful smiles—they create confidence. To achieve their goals, they need a champion. They need someone who will be there for them, side by side and end to end.

At Envista, we are uniquely positioned to be this champion, and our purpose unites and inspires us. Everything we do, every product we make, every service we provide, helps dental achieve their goals.

Our Core Values Define Us

Core Values

We value Customer Centricity, Innovation, Respect, Continuous Improvement, and Leadership at Envista.

Customer Centricity

Making our customers – creators of confidence – our first priority ensures we innovate for their needs and continue to grow, with them at top of mind. We embrace the concept that fellow employees and internal functions should also be served with a dedicated customer service mentality.


With an agile approach and focus on future, we are positioned to drive the next wave of disruptive thinking and products in the industry. We believe innovation should be built into all functions and activities, and our employees show up every day ready to make a difference.


Diversity, inclusivity, and equality are at the core of what makes our culture and our teams so successful. We know that when our employees show up every day as their authentic selves, there is greater teamwork, more thoughtful debate, and more reasons to celebrate.

Continuous Improvement

Supported by our renowned business system, we are committed to developing world-class professionals at every level of the organization. Dedicated to being their best every day, Envista employees embrace continuous improvement as a mindset, culture, and way to win.


By equipping our employees with the best training, teams, and opportunities, we ensure they are empowered, equipped, and accountable for their commitments.
Taking accountability for successes – and failures – and moving forward quickly ensures we foster a trusting environment, set up for success.

At Envista we do not accept the status quo. We strive for a steady stream of improvements and diligent execution, resulting in transformational outcomes.

Our Winning Formula

The Envista Business System (EBS) is our foundation for success. It’s Exceptional people, delivering Breakthrough results, through Strong and Sustainable processes.

Proven to deliver long-term value, EBS underpins our continuous improvement culture, mindset, and way to win in action.

EBS is a powerful set of values, processes, and tools that guide how we develop people at every level, transform the industry through innovative products, and drive growth.

Our Envista Business System Office (EBSO) and University (EBSU) ensure an environment of continuous learning, where every employee has the opportunity to experience world-class training and share best practices for the benefit of our company, employees, customers, and shareholders.

Our teams have a passion to succeed by making improvements each and every day through EBS. It's a mindset: we want to get better for ourselves, our customers, and our shareholders. EBS is how we do the work, and we demonstrate that when we drive growth in the market, stay on the cutting edge of innovation, and deliver best-in-class quality and delivery times for our customers.

Bringing It All Together

We live by our values every day; they define how we work with our customers and how we work with each other. But they really stand out when it comes to what we stand for.

Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse workforce and culture of inclusion are integral to how we do business, and how we serve our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe sustainability is about more than operating responsibly; it is an opportunity to support the communities we are part of and have a positive impact on the world.

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Creating confidence is no small business. With deep industry roots and decades of world-class experience, the people behind Envista know this well. Our companies help dental professionals deliver the best possible patient care through industry-leading products, solutions, and technology.