Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

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Our Sustainability Priorities Are Focused in Five Areas:

1. Delivering Quality and Access

As a medical device manufacturer, our mission is to enable dental health professionals to deliver healthier, better smiles. Achieving our mission depends on our ability to guarantee the safety and quality of our products and solutions, both in our own operations and those of our suppliers. Beyond a focus on quality, we are committed to doing our part to expand access to our products and solutions across the world.

2. Supporting our People and Community

Our success as a business relies on the quality and engagement level of our team. Achieving workplace excellence begins by fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. We work hard to ensure that our employees operate in safe, healthy workspaces, feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to work, and that they feel fairly recognized and rewarded for great performance.

3. Safeguarding the Environment

Given our global footprint, we recognize our responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen. We are mindful of the impact that our operations have on the environment. Where possible, we seek to minimize waste generation, water consumption, and our overall emissions profile. We also include product lifecycle considerations in our product development processes to mitigate the impact of our products and solutions once they are in use by our customers.

4. Centering Ethics and Compliance

We believe that operating with integrity is critical to delivering high-quality products. As such we are committed to antibribery, anti-corruption, ethical marketing, and protecting our customers’ data. Our robust compliance programs provide oversight in an effort to ensure that our employees follow our protocols and operate with accountability.

5. Practicing Good Governance

Good governance practices are the foundation upon which corporate success is built. We work hard to ensure robust oversight for key operational and sustainability risks and opportunities. To this end, we continue to focus on optimizing our governance practices. This includes ensuring that our executive leadership and governance structures are aligned with current best practices and appropriately incentivizing our leaders to drive performance.

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