Navigating the Future of Digital Dentistry

In this whitepaper, we discuss the evolution of digital dentistry, and provide a comprehensive review of technology adoption in the modern dental practice. Importantly, we provide a glimpse into the future of digital dentistry, focusing on a shift from point solutions to integrated, AI empowered digital platforms.

By embracing digital platforms, clinicians can fully embrace the potential of digital tools and workflows and focus on what really matters – practicing dentistry!

Are you interested in learning more about the exciting future of digital dentistry, and how these advanced platforms can benefit your practice?

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How does it work?

Patient History

View prior images and reports, Digital Tool: Image Viewer

Acquire New Images

Acquire new X-Rays, IOS, Intraoral Camera, and CBCT images, Digital Tools: Image Acquisition, A.I.


View new images alongside prior images for diagnosis, Digital Tools: Image Viewer, A.I.

Treatment Planning

Create treatment plan, Digital Tools: Implant Planning, Cloud, A.I.

Patient Presentation

Explain treatment plan substantiated by diagnostics, Digital Tools: Image Viewing, Cloud, Patient Applications

Treatment Execution

Perform treatment, Digital Tools: Guided Surgery, Chairside Printing/Milling


Monitor treatment success and adjust, Digital Tools: Image Viewing, Monitoring/ Patient Apps


"The digital ecosystem has improved and streamlined my digital treatment approach. I was using 5 different software programs, now I only need one for all my digital imaging needs. It makes my daily practice more efficient, and I can communicate more effectively with my patients about their entire treatment plan."

- Dr. Catherine Keck, Dental Surgeon, France