Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion Unlocks Innovation

Diversity and inclusion unlocks our ability to innovate and to be creative. We are committed to building a workforce that is as diverse as the communities we serve, and strive to provide the best possible care and resources to help all of our employees thrive—at work, in their personal life and across every life stage.

A Culture of Belonging

We believe that real breakthroughs come from teams that think creatively and embrace different ideas, perspectives, and experiences. Diversity makes us stronger as we champion creators of confidence. We make sure diverse talent is represented at all levels, and we build relationships and partnerships based on respect. From celebrating multicultural backgrounds to connecting women, our resource groups create a culture of true inclusion and belonging. We encourage all voices to be heard, and we know that doing so reveals unlocks the customer insights that help us succeed.

An Ongoing Endeavor

We fundamentally embrace continuous improvement as a mindset, culture, and way to win. Our work building an organization that celebrates differences, learns from diverse perspectives, and values inclusion will never be finished. We will keep learning, improving, and striving for better.

Our Many Perspectives

Empowering Women

Recruiting, retaining, and recognizing women who embody our CIRCLe values is an important aspect of our culture. We actively work to hire the best female leaders around the world. Envista is proud to take strong strides in ensuring gender equality and we are proud to have achieved 99% pay equity in the United States.

A Multicultural View

We encourage our employees and leadership to take an active role in helping to shape our culture. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are vital to creating this sense of inclusion and belonging. ERGs are communities of employees who create space to connect on their shared experiences and educate the larger Envista population. We have a number of ERGs serving Latin+, Asian Pacific Islander, Black, LGBTQ, and Women + Friends to name a few.

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Creating confidence is no small business. With deep industry roots and decades of world-class experience, the people behind Envista know this well. Our companies help dental professionals deliver the best possible patient care through industry-leading products, solutions, and technology.