A moment with Continuous Improvement winner Toni Hirvonen

As the DEXIS Senior Manager of Global Demand, Inventory, Planning, and Distribution, Toni Hirvonen supports a team of 35 employees located in his native Finland and the United States. As a certified practitioner of our Continuous Improvement methodology (Envista Business System), Toni specifically focuses on production workflows. 


Solving internal and external customers' problems is one of his favorite parts of his job. “Customers have a clear vision for the products and features they want. But sometimes, they can’t foresee how a product could be made better. It is our job to provide that vision,” said Toni. “I take pride in making small improvements that will allow dentists to do their jobs even more efficiently and effectively.”


As part of his Continuous Improvement process, Toni gets feedback from our customers, takes that feedback, and answers with solutions. In his role, he encourages his team to brainstorm suggestions and facilitates multi-day kaizens, where processes are thoroughly examined and streamlined. 


Toni enjoys seeing theoretical improvements stemming from these exercises become tangible benefits. Last year, Toni’s team saw an opportunity to increase the on-time delivery of DEXIS imaging and IOS products from their factory in Tuusula, Finland. With better process forecasting, greater cross-team collaboration, and optimized material management, Toni’s team achieved an increase in on-time deliveries in Q4 2023 compared to Q2 and Q3 2023.


When asked what continuous improvement means, Toni said, “It is about having a customer focus and working to improve their practices. It is about having the freedom to innovate and take chances. At Envista, Continuous Improvement is ingrained in our company culture, motivating us to excel.” 


Every year, we honor an employee who best represents our CIRCLe values of Customer Centricity, Innovation, Respect, Continuous Improvement, and Leadership. Toni embodies Continuous Improvement and inspires those around him to do the same; that is why he is our 2023 Continuous Improvement Award recipient.


Congratulations, Toni!