A moment with Leadership winner Beatriz Cota 


It is human nature to want to resist change. People prefer the status quo and can be initially uncomfortable with changing protocols and procedures. When our Mexicali factory leaders started the process of implementing a new payroll system that would be integrated with Workday, an enterprise management system with a Human Resources focus, it was met with hesitation.


According to Beatriz Cota, the Senior Global HR Analyst for Orthodontics, concerns were raised that the transition would be complicated, employee buy-in hard-won, and trainings cumbersome. Aware of the challenges ahead, Beatriz quickly created an action plan. To prepare for a successful launch, she created a cross-functional team and worked closely with the IT department. “I knew the project was daunting, so my first task was conveying the importance of the project and their contributions,” said Beatriz. “We valued each team member, validated their efforts, and motivated them in the process. As a result, their work ended up exceeding our expectations.”


To get the rest of the Mexicali workforce comfortable using the program, Beatriz worked to change their mindset. “People were concerned Workday was going to be difficult to use and didn’t want to make the transition,” said Beatriz. “We had to change their mindset and remove the fear. Now the team enjoys the product, especially its efficiency and time savings.”


Beatriz attributes the project’s success to an open communication channel. “To yield good results, you must be a good communicator. When you don’t involve your colleagues early enough in the process, then you don’t get their buy-in,” she said. “Being transparent, setting clear expectations, and focusing on engagement is key.”


Getting people onboard with Workday is just one of many examples of Beatriz’s leadership skills. That is why she is our 2023 CIRCLe Values Leadership Award recipient. Every year, we honor an employee who best represents our CIRCLe values, which also include Customer Centricity, Innovation, Respect, and Continuous Improvement.


What makes a good leader? “To be a good leader, you must be intentional and not afraid to make an impact. Understand your team’s needs and fill those when you can. Leadership is tied to trust, respect, and helping elevate others to reach their career goals,” said Beatriz.


Passionate about helping her team members develop professionally, Beatriz advocates for career planning and taking advantage of developmental opportunities and company-sponsored enrichments. While utilizing our higher education program to attain two Master’s Degrees, she knows first-hand how these opportunities can propel a career. She says that her mission is to help others identify and execute their goals.


Beatriz has been with our Ormco brand for eight years and supports HR operations for Mexico, Costa Rica, EMEA, China, and the United States.