Early Careers: Ann Joseph

I am in my first rotation working as a global product manager at Ormco, a global leader across 140 countries and regions in the orthodontics medical devices industry. I graduated in May 2021 from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. My previous work experiences were in the operations and general management field across two industries - financial services and retail. I am originally from the state of Kerala in South India.

Just like any other part of Envista’s recruitment, I had a personalized onboarding experience as well. After a couple of valuable discussions, I got assigned to my first role about five months before I started my job. My manager, Brett Bartles, and I set up a few calls a month before I started working, so that I felt comfortable and prepared for the initial weeks.

I began at Ormco with a 5-week immersion program that covered understanding my operating company, Envista Business System (EBS) principles, our people, and our products. I soon realized customer centricity is at the core of how we innovate at Envista as I got to spend 40% of my 5-week immersion traveling by visiting orthodontists across the country and training together as a team to constantly improve our offerings to better serve our customers.

As a new entrant into the healthcare industry, I found it incredibly valuable to be involved in Ormco’s monthly Policy Deployment (PD) meetings. During PD, the president of the company and vice presidents of all departments across the world to meet together, either virtually or in-person, to both strategize our ways of doing business and improve our existing critical processes. I am grateful to have attended these Policy Deployment meetings as it was a humble display of leading by example of how we all at Envista continue to innovate keeping our customers in mind.

Getting to see how orthodontists serve patients with Ormco’s products was a valuable part of the immersion

I was touched by a gesture that happened four weeks into my immersion. My home state Kerala celebrated its most anticipated festival, Onam, and I created 25 small Keralan snack boxes for my colleagues. Everyone kindly welcomed the snack box and some of us ate together during our training breaks. As an immigrant in this country for the last five years, I was touched by my colleague’s genuine interest to get to know me and how Kerala contributes to the diversity of India.

Celebrated my South Indian heritage with snacks and interesting facts about my home state of Kerala

It was one of my special moments of feeling belonged and I knew then that I can be my authentic self at Envista.