Early Careers: Boshi Wang

We are very proud of our interns and we are spending the summer checking in and learning from them. Boshi Wang started his internship in June as part of our immersive 3-month program of learning, working, and living the Envista life. Today, we learned about Boshi’s experience on the Spark Clear Aligners team, and heard about which one of our CIRCLe values resonates the most with his everyday work.

“I have been having the best experience. My project is focused on our strategy and business development opportunities. I am really excited about my work with the team and the positive impact it will make on the business. Envista has provided me with a lot of access to the senior leadership team in many of its operating companies (including the CEO himself). As for our CIRCLe values, Respect is definitely the value that resonated with me the most at Envista since day one. With everything going on around the world, I feel that diversity, inclusivity, and equality are at the core of bringing people together. Respect is seen at every level of Envista, and I am proud to be working and learning with some of the brightest minds in the industry.”

In today’s virtual world, we also asked Boshi how he felt about accomplishing his project without being present in the office. “Although I deeply miss the in-person connections and occasional tap on the shoulder, Envista was able to adapt well to an online environment. I really appreciate the effort that the company took to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for us interns, from the virtual cooking class and wine tasting events to the final in-person dinner and presentation.”