Women in Sales: Alessandra Bufo 

Alessandra Bufo, Director Kerr Consumables Western Europe, has  been  with  Kerr  for  6 years. Alessandra was inspired to work in sales because of her desire to win and help customers. Working at Envista was inspiring to her because she was fascinated with the continuous improvement mindset, innovative ideas being put into action, and the overall culture at Envista.

This year, for Alessandra and many others, has been challenging.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to change our personal lifestyle, and how we do business.  As the leader of her sales team, she is fascinated of how the team is reacting and quickly adapting to changes, and how they have been capable to find new ways to deliver excellent results. According to Alessandra, “though the pandemic is likely to continue changing the way we do business, I feel that my team is ready to not only adapt but thrive with in this new era. 

To be a successful female sales professional, Alessandra believes some key attributes are "empathy, optimism, and curiosity". Empathy allows for "being able to understand how your customers or colleagues might be feeling which equips you to respond appropriately and build productive working relationships". Optimism helps "maintain a sense of balance, especially in challenging times or when facing changes, to keep a positive attitude when going through something". Curiosity creates a desire to "continue to learn and grow, never settle, and ask for advice from others". Throughout her career, she has witnessed these attributes in the many women she has met who have inspired her and helped shape who she is today. Alessandra is especially thankful for her grandmother who is a great example of "integrity and willpower" and who also developed in her a "desire to discover new things without being afraid, a spirit of never giving up, and a love for embracing different cultures".

In her free time, Alessandra enjoys going on walks in nature, playing tennis, reading, and gardening.