Women in Sales: Amy Cyman

Amy Cyman, Digital Solutions Specialist, has been with Spark for 2 years. Before joining Spark, Amy worked as a Sales Representative for Ormco from 2007 to 2014. When joining Spark in 2019, Amy shared that she was excited to be back because "the culture and community here is like no other and I am so excited to be back 'home' in my element".

Prior to the Pandemic, Amy was travelling to see customers all over her territory as she was helping launch Spark into these markets. Amy shared that "being a part of a growing product means conducting a lot of education and awareness to help set the stage for successful growth". With limited travel,

Amy now conducts virtual trainings throughout the day for new and existing customers.

Amy believes that key attributes to being a successful female sales professional are "confidence, versatility, having integrity, and being a trusted partner". Amy looks up to her colleague, Sara, who has been in her role for 32 years and inspires Amy with her "work ethic and positive outlook".

In her free time, Amy enjoys golfing and spending time with her family.