A moment with Customer Centricity winner Alberto Neves

When Alberto Neves joined our team more than 16 years ago, he had no idea how much he would love working with our technology and customers. As a Technical Specialist for our diagnostics brand, DEXIS, Alberto supports and trains customers virtually and in person, makes repairs, and develops new systems. With an engineering background, Alberto has always been intellectually curious and has a penchant for solving puzzles. But he gets the most professional satisfaction working with our customers.

Solving a complicated customer problem gives him satisfaction. Alberto says he is always willing to lend a hand if his peers need help. Although his service area is in the UK, he recently assisted a customer in Uganda. "Even though that wasn't my country to support, I stepped in to troubleshoot a particularly complicated issue. At the end of the day, we want all of our customers to be successful regardless of territory."

Alberto's commitment to his customers hasn't gone unnoticed. Every year, we honor an employee who best represents our CIRCLe values of Customer Centricity, Innovation, Respect, Continuous Improvement, and Leadership. Albert is our 2023 Customer Centricity champion, and we couldn't be prouder of him.

When asked what Customer Centricity means to him, Alberto said, "It means going above and beyond for the customers at every interaction. If I don't immediately know an answer, Customer Centricity means working until I find one. It means building trust so your customers know they can depend on you no matter what."

Alberto believes that delivering excellent customer service is important because the better a dentist understands a product, the better patient care they can provide. "Everyone must do their best to support our customers. We need to provide them with confidence in our products and reassurance that if trouble arises, we are just a phone call away," said Alberto.